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There are numerous reasons why someone would use a virtual machine on his/her computer. One of the reasons is to actual learn an operating system. Another one and probably most common is to test things out before actually implementing in a production environment. For all geeks out there creating vms, docker containers and the likes it's actually a...hobby!

Let's start with a simple guide in order to install Ubuntu 20.10 Desktop Edition.


In the IT world, apart from strategic design, you have to get your hands dirty. Unfortunately it's not always easy to test everything at work, even if you have a staging environment. The best thing to do before testing on production is to test at home! VMware often comes to the rescue.

Either you are on Windows , Linux on MAC, VMWare can be installed so as to virtualize everything. VMware workstation is an " industry standard for running multiple operating systems as virtual machines on a single Windows, Linux PC". For MAC users the product is VMWare Fusion.

It's a hypervisor or virtual machine monitor, that creates and runs virtual machines1. At first i have to say that you can do the same things, more or less with the free Oracle Virtual Box. For me VMWare is a more mature software, a leader in it's field and with way better feature-set and GUI.