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There are numerous reasons why someone would use a virtual machine on his/her computer. One of the reasons is to actual learn an operating system. Another one and probably most common is to test things out before actually implementing in a production environment. For all geeks out there creating vms, docker containers and the likes it's actually a...hobby!

Let's start with a simple guide in order to install Ubuntu 20.10 Desktop Edition.

1. Go here and download Vmware Workstation 16 Trial [either for Windows or Linux]

2. Install Vmware Workstation 16 like any other software. When it requests for a serial you just skip and it triggers the 30-day trial period.

3. Download Ubuntu 20.10 Desktop Edition x64 from here .

4. Create a new virtual machine by going to: File>New Virtual Machine and select "Typical"

Ubuntu20.10 scr00

5. Then click on "Browse" and select the iso you downloaded on previous step.

Ubuntu20.10 scr01

6. On the next screen just name your virtual machine and choose a location to save the files related to that vm.

Ubuntu20.10 scr02

7. Then specify disk capacity. In this case and mainly for beginners you can keep it 20GB which is enough for the installation. After gaining experience you can create a new virtual machine with more disk capacity.

Ubuntu20.10 scr03

8. On the last page click on  "Customize Hardware" [You can just finish there but is better to fine tune some things which actually takes a couple of minutes]

Ubuntu20.10 scr04

  • Click on "Printers" and Remove
  • Click on "Network Adapter" and choose "Bridged" then click ok and Finish


Ubuntu20.10 scr05 Ubuntu20.10 scr06




10. After the above step the VM is created and started.

11. You will reach a screen that says Install Ubuntu just hit Enter or wait

12. Then you are welcomed by a screen in which you Click "Install"

Ubuntu20.10 scr07

13. Then follow the following images:


Ubuntu20.10 scr08Choose keyboard layout

Ubuntu20.10 scr09Install Updates and Other software

Ubuntu20.10 scr10

Erase disk and install Ubuntu [for beginners just leave as it is]

Ubuntu20.10 scr11

Click continue to write on virtual disk

Ubuntu20.10 scr12

Choose your location/timezone

Ubuntu20.10 scr13

Fill your details

Ubuntu20.10 scr14

Hit on "Restart Now"

Ubuntu20.10 scr15

You will see the above screen.Hit Enter .


On the last screen after hitting enter the virtual machine restarts and after a while you are prompted for a password. In order to virtually remove the installation medium, You right-click left on the newly created vm and choose "Settings". Then you go on click on cd/dvd and deselect "Connect at power one" or select "use physical drive" instead of iso.

Ubuntu20.10 scr16

After that step you have successfully installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 20.10 Desktop edition. Enjoy!